Officially opened Belgrade Photo Salon International

M. Predojević, V. Lovrić i B. Mandić (Photo: Miki Veličković)

M. Predojević, V. Lovrić i B. Mandić (Photo: Miki Veličković)

Last night in the Mikser House , Karađorđeva 46, officially opened the Belgrade Photo International Salon 2013th The opening Awarded the best authors and all the received image ghave been shown.

The idea of a different kind of photographic salon Belgrade as a city of the future of this part of Europe deserves was born a few years ago, and its implementation began exactly a year ago, as an act for establishing of Belgrade Photo associations.

Peak of activity was last night’s grand opening of the Salon in the presence of: authors, guests, representatives of public and cultural life of Belgrade, media, and above all true lovers of photography.

Although the Salon was first time organized it has attracted great attention of photographers in the country and the world what is best confirmed by the following facts:

- 300 participants from 61 countries with 3.860 submitted photos

- 900 photos from about 200 participants was selected for projection

- Beside authors from Serbia there were also authors from India, Australia, Germany, Turkey, China and Great Britain

Mikser House (Photo: Dragan M. Babović)

Mikser House (Photo: Dragan M. Babović)

Digital submitted projections beside Belgrade will be shown in other cities of Serbia , which will have impact on decentralization and the popularization of photography outside the capital.

Salon had four themes: City, ACT, FREE (in color) and free (monochrome).

Theme A: City Vladimir Lovrić, architect, president ULUPUDUS, publisher of specialist magazines Eco House presented the work in inspiring way and gave the awards

Zlatiborac (Foto: Dragan M. Babović)

Zlatiborac (Photo: Dragan M. Babović)

Theme B: NudesBožidar Mandić, multimedia artist, writer, publisher,with his pozitive comments and observations granted the awards

Theme C: Free(in color) – Branislav Brkić, President of the Photo Association of Serbia and president of the jury at the Salon, with his expert commentary and explainations has granted the awards

Theme D: Free (monochrome), Ivan Lalić, Executive Director of the Mikser house, completed the entire story and welcomed participants as the host of the space in which the ceremony took place

For this occasion it was printed catalog of very high quality with reproductions of all the awarded and commended works as well as a list of authors whose works are included in the projection

For brunch for all attendees a reputable company Zlatiborac made sure with its quality meat products.

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