Guca 2004

Photography Exhibition by Imre Szabó

Photographers, News

Imre Szabó, photojournalist since 1979. in Ilustrovana Politika, Politika, Intervju, Nin, Danas, Fonet, Blic News… (after 1995 free lance), has maybe as Cartier Bresson or David Seymour the capacity to shoot the instant, the good one… not anyone, the decisive one, the maximum point of tension, of every event, every situation…

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Branko Jakovljević

Photographers, Gallery

branko-jakovljevicBranko Jakovljević was born in Čačak in 1963. He graduated at Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. He has been involved in exhibition photography since 1979. He took part at over 150 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad so far and won over 40 awards.

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