International Salon 2014

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International exhibition of digital photography

Our daily life is inextricably linked to the photo. They are visual material that built modern life and their omnipresence is imposed regardless of our will, from newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, posters, personal documents, computers, TV, packaging for many products, and the insertion of clothing objects and other quirky materials. Photography in many ways has replaced the written word, and the information that carries speaks with more precision, in an authentic way about people, places, events, copyright preoccupations. Perhaps this effect, which a modern man is overwhelmed with, adversely affects the creative photographic artists, or is it, however, the impetus for their action? Answers to these questions partially can provide Belgrade Photo Salon International 2014, who is looking for them in communicating with a wide global audience.
The main topic of Second International Salon is the CITY because   Belgrade, as the host city of the future in this part of Europe,  holds the balance to  itself, and to others, at the crossroads of cultures…

1. Organizer
Belgrade PHOTO, Belgrade, Serbia

2. Participation
The Contest is open to all photographers from Serbia and worldwide who were not amongst received for the projection of the previous Belgrade Photo Salon.

3. Patronage
This competition is under the rules and patronage of:
FSS (Photo Association of Serbia)
FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l´Art Photographique)
PSA (Photographic Society of America)
UPI (United Photographers International)
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4. Themes
A) City (color/monochrome) PID color class
B) Portrait (color/monochrome) PID color class
C) Open (color) PID color class
D) Open (monochrome) PID monochrome class
“A monochrome image is defined as having varying shades of no more than one color (various shades of that color from very light to very dark) but it may be any single color. Multi- toned images (various shades of two or more colors) and greyscale images with added an accent color are not acceptable in Monochrome Class sections and must be entered in Color Class sections.”

5. Jury
Photos will be judged by a jury composed of:
Goran Malić, EFIAP, MF FSJ/FSS, NCF, ULUPUDS – Belgrade, Serbia
Branislav Strugar, MF FSS, ULUPUDS – Belgrade, Serbia
Branko Jakovljević, MF FSS – Belgrade, Serbia

Alternative replacement juror: Miroslav Predojević, MF FSJ/FSS, ULUPUDS – Belgrade, Serbia
Delegate FSS: Zoran Pavlović, KMF FSS – Belgrade, Serbia

6. Awards
The Jury will assign 92 award + FIAP Blue Badge for the best Author (highest number of acceptances in all themes) as follows:

A) City (color/monochrome)
FSS (Gold, Silver and 4 commendation)
FIAP (Gold and  2 commendation)
PSA (Gold and  3 commendation)
UPI (Gold and  2 commendation)
Belgrade PHOTO SALON (Gold, Silver, Bronze and  3 commendation)
Total of 22 awards

B) Portrait (color/monochrome)
FSS (Gold and  2 commendation)
FIAP (Gold, Silver and 4 commendation)
PSA (Gold and  3 commendation)
UPI (Gold and  2 commendation)
Belgrade PHOTO SALON (Gold, Silver, Bronze and  3 commendation)
Total of 22 awards

C) Open (color )
FSS (Gold and  2 commendation)
FIAP (Gold and  2 commendation)
PSA (Gold, Silver and 6 commendation)
UPI (Gold and  2 commendation)
Belgrade PHOTO SALON (Gold, Silver, Bronze and 4 commendation)
Total of 24 awards

D) Open (monochrome)
FSS (Gold and 2 commendation)
FIAP (Gold and 2 commendation)
PSA (Gold and 3 commendation)
UPI (Gold, Silver and 4 commendation)
Belgrade PHOTO SALON (Gold, Silver, Bronze and 4 commendation)
Total of 24 awards

The jury reserves the right to grant additional awards. Each author can receive only one award in each section. The decision of the jury is final and irrevocable, complaints are not possible.

7. Number and size (format) photographs
Any participant can submit up to 4 photographs under each theme (maximum 16 photographs).
Photographs are accepted in electronic form only. Format of photographs: JPG
The image on the horizontal side should be 1800 px, and the resolution should be 300 dpi. File compression should be between 8 and 10.
Memory size of the file must not exceed 1,8 Mb.
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8. File naming
No special requirements for file names, only the file name should be the same as title name). Only English letters (a-z) are allowed.

9. Entry form and posting of photographs
Authors must fill out online entry form.
Photos are sent directly (upload) to the web site of the organizer.
Entry form

10. Entry fee
The registration fee is required for each participant of the exhibition and
is 22 € (30 $).
For the members of the FSS (Photo Association of Serbia) entry fee is 1.100 RSD. For the rest of members from Serbia entry fee is 1.300 RSD.
Registration fee is equal for all sections.

11. Way of paymnet
The registration fee can be paid through the RSD account for participants from Serbia: 105-51819-63 (AIK Banka a.d.).

PayPal, Skrill Moneybookers or MoneyGram and Western Union (fast money transfer) for participants from  overseas.
Works by authors who do not pay the registration fee will not be taken into considerationmore.
more details

12. Exhibition calendar
Photographs admission:                                     up to 01. October 2014.
Judging:                                                                  14. – 21. October 2014.
Results of judging:                                                up to 31. October 2014.
Digital projections:                                                     03. December  2014.
Catalogs and commendations delivery:          up to  25. December 2014.

 13. Report card notifications
All participants will receive report card notifications via e-mail, showing all acceptances and awarded images.
The results of the Exhibition will also be published on the website

14. Delivering catalogs
All participants will receive a high-quality printed publication (96 pages) in the form of catalogs reproduced with the award-winning and commended photographs, without paying any royalties.

16. Information and contact
For further information please contact us by e-mail address:

Chairman of Belgrade PHOTO Salon,
Miroslav Predojevic.

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